Hello, i am Filip Vilić...

B.Sc. Industrial Designer.
I was born in 1984th in Belgrade. After finishing high scool for Design i studied at the Academy of the Applied Arts, Department of the Industrial Design, where I graduated 2009.

I enjoy creative exspression of any kind, whether it is brand design, website, conceptual solution or playing music and singing with my band. I couldn't ever decide to just a single call, even though, through my education and still, many different people have repeatedly drew my attention that it would be the best for me to decide.

I'm offering highly professional services in the field of industrial, graphic and web design. Please take a look at samples of my work. Many thanks to krojač school for web design.

Perhaps you would like something different? Check out my music band odiumbgd with whom I am making good music and enjoying fun times for the last six years.

Thank you for your trust!

Skills :

  • 100% HTML5
  • 95% CSS3
  • 60% Jquery
  • 95% Dreamweaver
  • 100% Fireworks
  • 90% Photoshop
  • 80% Illustrator
  • 95% Rhinoceros
  • 40% 3dmax
  • 90% V-ray